Saturday 14th September

Time Waterfront Hall The Space (1st floor)


Gareth Halfacree

9:30am — 10:10am

New Directions in Collaborative Editing

Blaine Cook

Building a Maker Business: Sharing, Education, Open Source and Conscience.

Paul Beech

10:10am — 10:50am

The Importance of Mini Makers

Amy Mather

Looking after an Open source community

Orta Therox

Coffee break

11am — 11:40am

WordPress has Grown Up

Mike Little

Polling is for Wimps

Paul Tanner

11:40am — 12:20pm

Risking a Compuserve of Things

Adrian McEwen

Flux & Flexibility

Dan Donald


1:30pm — 2:10pm

White Space — Connect all the Things!

Ben Ward

Crazy challenges, Impossible odds and digital duct tape

Shay Moradi

2:10pm — 2:50pm

GOV.UK: Design Principles and Lessons Learned

Paul Downey

Introduction to Robot Operating System

Nick Weldin

Coffee break

3:00pm — 3:40pm

The @ShrimpingIt Manifesto

Cefn Hoile

How WebRTC Will Change the Connected World

Tim Panton

3:40pm — 4:20pm

Falling in love with your product’s users, for fun and profit

Chris Atherton

A Basic Introduction to Interfacing for the Hardware Curious

Melanie Rhianna Lewis

4:20pm — 5pm

Digital Serfdom and how to avoid it: a guide to the future.

Aral Balkan

Measuring Energy Consumption in Embedded Systems

James Pallister

5pm: Lightning talks - Get up on stage and let everyone know what you're up to.
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